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Why the name "Marigold Organizing"?

I grew up on a farm and am fascinated with the multi-functional roles particular plants can play in the garden. Marigolds are an excellent addition to any garden because they attract pollinators, ward off pests, and add beauty to the space.

To me, marigolds are the perfect symbol for my organizing business because they are both beautiful AND functional which is how I design my spaces!

Marigold Organizing Owner


Organizing has always been a big part of my life. It is a skill I developed at a young age to bring peace and order to my environment and to help put others at ease when their environments got to be too overwhelming. 


I remember as a teenager, one of the things I would do for my mom on Mother's Day was to create a giant organizing to-do lists to complete while she was out of the house. The feeling of relief I saw in her made me feel so happy and I realized that organizing was a skill I wanted to incorporate into my career. However, like many other organizers, I didn’t realize professional organizing was a career until later in life.


When I attended college at Appalachian State, I knew I enjoyed helping people which led me to obtain a Bachelors of Science in Sustainable Development with a concentration in Environmental Studies. After graduating, I worked as a Program Coordinator and Farmers' Market Manager for several small, agricultural non-profits. I loved the opportunity to get to know my community members and work on programs that helped improve their livelihoods.


I was particularly drawn to smaller non-profits because they granted me a lot of flexibility to be able to organize and implement new systems for things like tracking, reporting, and archiving information. I felt so satisfied when I would see my systems contribute to successes like being selected for grants or easily on-boarding new team members.

When I decided I wanted to transition into a career that focused more on the day-to-day skills I enjoyed doing, I realized that organizing and helping people were at the top of my list! When I found the profession of home organizing I fell in love with it. I love getting to know my clients and transforming how they feel in their homes. I believe everyone deserves to feel at peace in their environment and I love being able to give that to them.


Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to work for several amazing organizing companies in Charlotte, NC. I am so excited to finally take the leap to start my own business as my fiancé and I move to Durham, NC!

I can't wait to work with you!

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